Meet Our Resident

Meet our new resident, Jessica Anson:

What should we know about you?

I am originally from Indiana but wanted to pursue a residency in North Carolina because the profession of pharmacy is very progressive in this state. Pharmacists have the ability to prescribe as clinical pharmacist practitioners and can make valuable interventions that have a positive impact on the health of patients.

I am very passionate about working directly with patients to address concerns, provide education on various disease states, and help them achieve their personal goals. Some of the things I enjoy doing outside of the workplace include baking, traveling, and exploring local restaurants. I am excited to be in Charlotte and hope to make it my new home!


Why did you choose pharmacy?

In the 8th grade, my friend recommended that I become a pharmacist. I thought this was a very strange recommendation, as she was also an 8th grader, but I took it into consideration. I bought the Occupational Outlook Handbook for my birthday and read about what exactly a pharmacist can do. The career seemed to be a good fit for my interests, so I made it my goal to attend the Purdue University College of Pharmacy. Now that I have graduated, I am very excited for all of the opportunities I will have as a resident at such an innovative pharmacy.


Where do you see your career/pharmacy heading?

After this year, I hope to work in an ambulatory care clinic because I value developing relationships with patients. I also plan to pursue additional teaching opportunities in the form of precepting, disease state classes, or through a part-time position in academia.


What makes Rx Clinic Pharmacy the go to place for all professionals in this field?

From my rotations in Indiana, it is my perception that there are very few independent pharmacies in the country that are as forward-thinking and driven as Rx Clinic Pharmacy. We provide so many unique services including pharmacogenetic testing, hormone replacement therapy, and adherence packaging to name a few. Furthermore, the team at Rx Clinic Pharmacy are always thinking of new ways to better serve our patients. It is the ideal setting for a new practitioner to gain invaluable experience in patient care.


Favorite Quote

“Non nobis solum nati sumus.”
(Not for ourselves alone are we born.)
― Marcus Tullius Cicero